Calls Without a PIN

Use our US Patented 1 Click calling feature and make international calls from the US without dialing PINS or 011! Plus rest assured any balance you add will not expire.

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Call + Chat

Stay connected globally. Make voice calls and chat directly with your loved ones around the world.

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+ Your Favorites

Add the people you call most often to your Favorite List. Call your contacts straight from your Address Book and connect with a single tap.

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Free $1

Get $1 free just to try! Add more balance anytime using your PayPal account or your Credit / Debit Card.

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International Top-Ups

Send a mobile top-up to your loved one’s pre-paid mobile phone anywhere in the world.

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MI LLAMADA App | Call in one tap! (Change to Call with Just 1 Click)

MI LLAMADA App makes it easy to talk, top-up, and chat with friends and family anywhere in the world. Get ready to have next generation international calling and international recharge technology in your hands.

  • No PINS

  • No Hidden Fees

  • No Balance Expiration

  • Call Cell Phones & Landlines

  • $1 Free Just To Try

  • Call With Just 1 Click

  • International Top-Ups

  • Integrated App Chat

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MI LLAMADA Long Distance is the most convenient way to make an international call. MI LLAMADA is an electronic recharge service. Our customers can access their account balance directly on their phone. With our US Patented 1 Click calling feature, our customers no longer dial 37-digit PINs. MI LLAMADA can be used with any US wireless service provider or US landline service. With MI LLAMADA our customer can dial landlines or cell phones and top-up any pre-paid mobile phone worldwide. Download our app today to start enjoying fast and simple long distance calling.